The White House insisted on the rejection of the urgent allocation of military assistance to Ukraine

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The White House, threatened by the presidential veto and the suspension of the government, made the representatives of the US Democratic Party refuse to immediately provide military assistance to Ukraine. This was reported by the Washington Post with reference to representatives of Congress and the presidential administration .

According to the publication, this issue was one of the few points in relation to which the White House took a tough stance during the discussion of the budget.

In the original wording of the document, the White House would have to allocate $ 250 million to Kiev within 45 days from the date of signing the budget. As a result of the discussions, the Democrats abandoned this formulation.

On December 20, US President Donald Trump signed a $ 738 billion defense budget for 2020. For military assistance to Ukraine, including providing for the supply of cruise missiles for the coastal defense system and anti-ship missiles, it is planned to allocate $ 300 million, which is $ 50 million more than was budgeted for 2019.

On December 8, reported that the head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper, said that Washington’s military allocation of funds to Kiev will depend on how effectively the Ukrainian authorities fight corruption in the country.

“We should always carry out checks. We always look at how our assistance is being used, and whether Ukraine is fighting corruption, ”the military explained, announcing the allocation of about $ 250 million to the Ukrainian side.

At the end of March, Pentagon spokesman Eric Pachon told Izvestia that since 2014, the United States has allocated more than $ 1.3 billion to Ukraine to strengthen defense capabilities and improve cooperation with NATO.

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