Russia has tested the latest air defense system “Gibka-S”

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According to TASS , citing the Military Industrial Company, tests confirmed that the Gibka anti-aircraft missile system mounted on the Tiger armored vehicle is capable of hitting air targets in motion. In this case, the speed of the vehicle during firing up to 30 kilometers per hour is indicated. It was at this speed that targets were fired.

The company noted that the state tests were completed successfully. It is reported that testing the new air defense system took place at the Kapustin Yar training ground.

The Gibka-S mobile complex based on the Tigra-M can hit targets with missiles from Igla or Verba MANPADS and allows for their remote launch. Thanks to the new complex, created on the basis of the 3M-47 “Bending” marine complex, the air defense effectiveness of motorized rifle and tank units is increased.

Earlier it was reported that the combat vehicle of the anti-aircraft missile complex compartment has a multi-channel optoelectronic detection and tracking system, a reconnaissance and control module for the commander’s platoon with its own small-sized radar detector and automation system.

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