Shooting Club Coach: A Terrorist from Lubyanka Manyurov Shot in a Black Cloak

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According to information from social networks, the 39-year-old shooter Evgeny Manyurov , who attacked the building of the FSB of Russia, studied at the Russian Academy of Justice. He was also a student of the course “Sociological Analysis of Advertising Communication” at the Higher School of Economics. He also had his own business, which he closed in 2015.

And then a resident of Podolsk suddenly became interested in practical shooting. Pleasure is not cheap: one shot – 17 rubles, participation in the match – 3 thousand.

In November, Yevgeny Fatikhovich took third place in the PCC discipline (pistol caliber carabine – pistol caliber carbine) at the competitions of the Moscow city shooting and sports club DOSAAF , follows from a publication on the organization’s website.

Video of the shooting in the center of Moscow.

And exactly a month ago, he participated in a shooting match in memory of the head of the department of the Directorate “B” (“Vympel”) of the FSB , Hero of Russia , Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Razumovsky, who died during the hostage rescue during the terrorist attack in Beslan.

Alleged photo of the “Lubyanka terrorist”

Komsomolskaya Pravda managed to talk with one of the trainers of the DOSAAF shooting club, where Manyurov practiced.

– He shot badly. To shoot well, you need to get involved in this for several years. He worked with us for three months, ”says Oleg Solovich, the designer of the shooting exercises of the DOSAAF shooting club .

– Didn’t they notice anything strange behind him?

– I talked normally, but I only went to classes in such a long black coat with a hood. It’s not even a raincoat, but a parka ( in it Manyurov will go to the Lubyanka, so that it would be more convenient to hide a carbine – approx. Auth. ). We suggested that he take off his outer clothing during the shooting, and he said that he was so comfortable.

– Maybe he was crazy ?

– Well, wait, how crazy? After all, he had a rifled carbine with a caliber of 7.62 mm with all the necessary documents, which means that before him he had owned smooth-bore hunting weapons for five years. It turns out that the state completely trusted him if he issued rifled weapons. On this basis, we taught him shooting.

Note that Manyurov traveled to the capital of the shooting range on Poklonnaya Gora from Podolsk.

Recall that as a result of the shooting near the building of the department on Bolshaya Lubyanka in the center of Moscow , one FSB officer was killed , another five were injured. According to official information from the Investigative Committee, there was one shooter. The motives of the terrorist are still unknown: during the armed resistance, he was eliminated by special forces.

Investigation of the incident continues, at the place of residence of Manyurov searches were conducted. Representatives of the FSB, prosecutors and district police interviewed neighbors. In the apartment, an arrow of investigators was met by his sobbing mother. At home at a resident of Podolsk discovered a whole arsenal of weapons.

– Everything is officially registered at the place of residence, only 7 trunks: gas, traumatic, smoothbore, rifled. So far, they haven’t found the gas trunk, a member of the investigation team told KP .

All weapons turned out to be framed by the offender without any violations. In addition to weapons , many rounds of ammunition and two equipped machine guns were found at Manyurov’s house .

However, it was not the shooter’s arsenal that surprised the operatives, but what his mother told:

– In recent years, he worked at once in several security companies, but then quit from everywhere. Recently, I didn’t work, I talked with some Arabs on the phone, I didn’t understand anything about what, because he spoke English to them.

But the killer practically did not intersect with its neighbors.

“Yes, I saw him only eight times a year,” a neighbor of Manyurov told KP.

Shooting at the FSB building in Lubyanka: the main thing. The center of Moscow, the FSB building, a quiet New Year’s Eve. When the shots rang out, none of the passersby were scared. We thought it was a salute … But no, it was a real shootout. With the wounded and the dead

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