Terrorist Attack in Central Moscow: Target FSB Security Headquarters

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The FSB was attacked on the evening of December 19. The crime was clearly planned with intent: the day of the big press conference of Vladimir Putin, plus the eve of the holiday for employees of the State Security.

The first information about the shooting arrived on 18.12. An unknown man opened fire allegedly from a machine gun (according to other sources, from the Saiga carbine) on Bolshaya Lubyanka Street.

The first victim of the criminal was the traffic police officer – there is a permanent post of the road patrol service. From the wound he died on the spot.

After that, an unknown man ran into the FSB building and continued to conduct targeted fire (according to unofficial information, there was not one shooter, he had an accomplice). Another person was killed, possibly a member of the Federal Security Service.

As of 18.30, the area of ​​Vorovsky Square is cordoned off.

“The attack on Lubyanka was arranged by a sniper and machine gunner”: a version was later refuted

In the center of Moscow, near the FSB reception in Lubyanka, a shootout erupted. There is a dead man. We became aware of the name of the victim. According to our information, there are two criminals. One of them is a sniper, the second moves through the territory of the complex of FSB buildings with a gun.

The victim of the shooting at Lubyanka Square, Ilya Nikolaevich Fisenko, born in 1987 hospitalized at the Research Institute. Sklifosovsky. He was loaded into an ambulance passing by.

The identity of the deceased traffic police officer is also established. He was also loaded into an ambulance. A law enforcement officer was at a post near house 12 on Bolshaya Lubyanka Street.

At the moment when the traffic police officer was immersed in an ambulance, an unknown person began to aim at them with a gun. The driver managed to give gas and left the firing zone.

At the moment, the main events unfold in the courtyard of the FSB building. According to preliminary data, there are two criminals. One of them, a sniper, is on the roof of house 12 on Bolshaya Lubyanka Street, the second moves along the territory of the FSB complex of buildings with a gun and fires.

In total, according to preliminary information, as a result, one person was killed and one wounded.

UPDATE : The FSB DSP officially stated that the attack was carried out by one person. Thus, official sources do not confirm the version of the sniper and machine gun.

Alleged photos of “terrorist from Lubyanka” published

Sources in the power structures gave us a photograph of a man who could be a terrorist who shot at the FSB building on Bolshaya Lubyanka. At the same time, other media outlets publish pictures of the same person from different angles. This is a man of an inconspicuous appearance.

The frames depict a dead man with gray stubble and short-cropped hair at the age of about 50 years. His appearance is rather Slavic. He is wearing glasses in a gold frame, a dark jacket with a hood and a sweatshirt with a picture of a wolf and the inscription “Wild Wolves” in English.

Next to the body on a granite tile are the Saiga carbine, a traumatic gun, a sheath knife and a waist bag with a red cross.

Alleged photo of the “Lubyanka terrorist”

According to sources, the name of the man is Eugene. This information is not officially confirmed and needs to be clarified.

According to official information from the UK, a man opened fire at the Lubyanka. He was eliminated. One FSB officer was killed, five people were injured.

UPDATE: According to our data, security forces are now working in Podolsk – it was there that hosted the shooting. According to unofficial data, he is 39 years old. He was an individual entrepreneur, was engaged in shooting and participated in competitions.

FSB General called the possible cause of the attack on the Lubyanka

Special services veteran Alexander Mikhailov believes that the attack was committed either by a loner or a “splinter” of some group

Information about the terrorist attack on Bolshaya Lubyanka, where an armed criminal fired today, is still contradictory. According to the Ministry of Health, five people were injured as a result of the shooting in the Lubyanka area. According to the FSB DSP, an intelligence officer was killed. The firing was neutralized. Again, representatives of the FSB argue that the offender did not penetrate the building of the Service, although initially there was information that he fired at the reception.

We asked the FSB veteran, retired Major General Alexander Mikhailov, to comment on what happened.

– How well is the FSB reception room guarded?

– Inside the reception, of course, there is an outfit, a guard, as we say. A person who goes into the waiting room follows the frame. A security system against penetration is provided there. But you understand that as soon as a person presses a button, open a magnetic lock, a criminal can start shooting almost from the threshold.

– Absolutely any person can come into the reception room with some kind of appeal, letter?

– Of course, you can go in and either drop a letter in the mailbox or meet with an operational officer. He will listen, help write a statement, and so on. The reception, in fact, is imprisoned for this. And she is always attacked. Psychopaths come there, both sick and schizophrenics. I remember when I myself received visitors, we had a button, when clicked, the psychiatric ambulance team immediately arrived.

– The day for the attack today was not chosen by chance?

– Yes, today, December 19, is the Day of the Russian military counterintelligence. Also today, a big press conference of Vladimir Putin took place. And usually on the eve of the Day of the Security Service Worker of Russia, the FSB Day, which is celebrated on December 20, various departments hold celebrations in the Dzerzhinsky club, which is located at number 12 on Bolshaya Lubyanka Street, next to the fortieth deli.

Of course, holding such a demonstration can be regarded as a terrorist act, especially with the use of automatic weapons. It was planned. And I do not exclude that this action was aimed at someone personally.

I was informed that the criminal, supposedly a sniper, was on the Bolshaya Lubyanka building, at number 12, but this is practically impossible, because this building is part of the complex of buildings of the Federal Security Service of Russia. There is a supermarket on the ground floor, and the rest is FSB units. How he could get there and why he needed it is completely incomprehensible. Because if we are talking about some sort of terrorist act directed against a specific person who will arrive or could have arrived at the club, then, accordingly, no one will shoot vertically down.

– Recently, the seizure of a Moscow school has been prevented, can it be links in one chain?

– Now it is very difficult to say anything. We must understand that the counterintelligence regime, as a phenomenon, represents a large multi-stage defense system. This is, firstly, operational work, obtaining primary information, prevention at the design stage, at the preparation stage. In this case, since we are already talking about shooting in the city center, therefore, either these people were not in the field of view of the special services. And there could be some loners. Or it’s fragments of some group that were out of the spotlight. Otherwise, they would simply not be allowed to leave the house. Or they would have been taken right in the apartment.

Disclosed the identity of the shooter at the FSB building in Lubyanka

The name of the man who opened fire from a firearm near the building of the Federal Security Service on the Lubyanka in Moscow was made public. Recall, as a result of the emergency, one FSB officer was killed, five more, including one civilian, were injured, the shooter himself was eliminated by law enforcement officers.

According to sources close to the investigation of the state of emergency at Lubyanka, the attacker was 39 years old.

According to sources, the firing in the center of Moscow was opened by Evgeny Fatikhovich Manyurov. There is information that he graduated from the Academy of Justice, lived in Podolsk and was an individual entrepreneur. His IE specialized in legal advice. Currently, it has been eliminated.

The man was actively fond of shooting, even participated in competitions.

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