A day after confirming the first case in a month, authorities reported that five other people caught the disease in the city where the pandemic was born. The Chinese city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus outbreak originated last December, registered a new focus of infection on Monday, the first since the authorities withdrew the quarantine measures imposed to stop the virus from spreading.

The first local case in more than a month, since April 3, was confirmed on Sunday. Now the disease progresses again. Local authorities have indicated that five new Covid-19 infections have been registered so far, all of them in people residing in the same complex. One of the infected is the woman of the man who tested positive on Sunday.

The last confirmed cases have been initially classified as asymptomatic, so these people can transmit the virus even if they do not present clinical symptoms , according to information from the CNA television network .

The metropolis of some 11 million inhabitants, quarantined for more than two months in late January, was greatly affected by the virus, which infected nearly 83,000 people and caused 4,633 deaths in the country, according to official figures.

Coronavirus testing at Hubei Wuchang Experimental High School in Wuhan
Coronavirus testing at Hubei Wuchang Experimental High School in Wuhan (Reuters)

China does not include asymptomatic cases in the total confirmed case count, which is currently at 84,010, according to official sources. However, the regime has ensured that hundreds of these cases are being monitored in Wuhan and has insisted that the country will gradually reopen its cinemas, museums and other entertainment venues.

After four months with schools closed for Chinese New Year and then the coronavirus, Wuhan students returned to classrooms with masks last week and had to go through infrared cameras to detect possible fever.

China has been criticized both at home and abroad for downplaying the virus and hiding information about the outbreak when it first appeared in Wuhan. Beijing has insisted that it has always shared information with the World Health Organization and other countries in a timely manner. A senior health official said on Saturday, however, that the outbreak exposed “deficiencies” in China’s public health system.

At the moment, the city of Shanghai has already reopened some clubs and entertainment venues. This same Monday, thousands of people have come to the Disneyland park for the first time in three months.

Source: Europa Press and AFP


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